Aug 22 2015

Tools We Use To Fix Our Band Gear

Are you fond of musical instruments? Do you have any knowledge about repairing various musical instruments at home? I LOVE music and my instruments, but when I needed to repair my equipment, I found myself in the dark. I realize there are many individuals, including myself, who may be smart enough to play their specific musical instrument but are not experienced enough to fix them at home.

I’m going to give you some pointers and recommend the tools that you need to have in your arsenal. To start the repairing process, you first need to become aware of the various types of Construction Fasteners & Tools that are used to fix the instruments in the best possible way. While repairing an instrument, most people face the problem when they seem to analyze that there is no such tool that can fix the particular issue in an efficient way. Below are common tools used to repair your instrument easily. I want to give a shout to the guys at over at! They walked me through the process and introduced me to the five following must haves:

1. Pliers

Pliers are familiar construction fasteners & tools. There are various types of pliers used channel lock pliarssuch as Key Bending Pliers, Brass Jaw Pliers, Wire Cutter Pliers, Needle Nose Pliers, etc. Each of the pliers has its specific use. For instance, you can quickly cut the wire of your guitar and thereby tighten it according to your preference.

2. Crochet hooks

These are also one of the vital construction fasteners & tools that can help in manipulating the springs of various instruments. This tool can be easily found at home to repair some of the standard musical instruments like saxophone, flute, clarinet and English horns. You can easily manipulate the tension of the spring or attach a new spring according to your requirements.

3. Dent Hammer

A dent hammer is a familiar tool in a musician’s arsenal. As the name suggests, the dent dent hammer hammer can be your excellent choice if you are willing to do the job of denting the small and medium sized bore instruments from the comfort of your home. This tool is made out of pure stainless steel and has been uniquely designed to suit your requirements.

4. Dental tools

Dental tools are also one of the common construction fasteners & tools, which you can easily fix various types of musical instruments. The dental tools are highly efficient for manipulating and scraping the solder joints of the instruments. It can also be used to clean the old solder joints efficiently in a convenient way. You can also use the dental tools to remove effectively rust from the upper surface of the musical instrument.

5. Hair blower

A hair blower can also be used to fix various types of issues in your musical instrument? Yes! You can efficiently use the hair blower to remove the various small dust particles from your musical instruments.

These are some of the construction fasteners & tools that are mostly available at home or reasonably purchased and can easily be used to fix various types of problems in your musical instrument. We like to purchase our tools from because we think they have the best deals. But always make sure to be creative to transform the everyday things in your house as tools for repairing musical instruments.

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