Oct 23 2015

Our Secret to Amazing Concert Posters

Is your band getting a lot of gigs? Are you tired of paying someone to print posters for them, and are you tired of driving all over town to pick them up or worrying that the website you ordered them from will not deliver in time? What if you book something on short notice?

No, it does not have to be that hard. We have a very simple solution for you. Create and print your own posters with the HP DesignJet Z5400.

black keys posterNow, I know what you are thinking. You probably just looked it up, and yes, the estimated retail price is $5,995.00. But allow me to keep going. That is not a cheap printer, no, not cheap at all. But instead of thinking only about the price, think about the value. How many posters do you usually get per show? Five? Ten? More? It does not matter because you will be able to print as many as you want. You can print a dozen and make them all different. Eventually, the DesignJet Z5400 is going to more than pay for itself in what you will save on having them printed.

And along with making as many or as few as you want or need without any worries, you can make posters in different sizes. You can make posters to advertise your shows, and you can design posters to sell with autographs whenever you play. Are you developing a fan base? They will want posters. Are you putting out a CD? Make a poster with the cover and the release date.

All of these posters will be professional quality prints, and you won’t have to hire a professional. You’ll have complete creative band postercontrol of the image you want for the band. And it’s easy to order rolls of paper or ink cartridges for the HP DesignJet Z5400 from the same place you can buy it, Printer World International. And yes, these will start paying for themselves after a while, too. Eventually, instead of just saving money on having them printed, you will start making money on every poster you print.

Who knows, maybe you’ve got a talent for making these posters, and your friends in other bands will want you to use your HP DesignJet Z5400 to make posters for them.

There is a big initial investment for you on this one, but remember the value and convenience that will come with making your own posters. The sky will be the limit for you creatively.