Mar 14 2017

Band’s Recommendation for Backup

TunesGo by Wondershare review

Pseudo Heroes works really hard in making music every day. But once they’re done recording that new song, they’ll need something to back it up so no matter what happens, they’ll always have a spare backup copy.

Pseudo Heroes is one of many musical groups that has found iTunes rather unreliable due to its complexity and a lack of key feature that cater to their needs. Luckily for them, they found the best option to do this – TunesGo by Wondershare.

What is TunesGo?

According to a TunesGo by Wondershare review, TunesGo is a revolutionary new product that enables music fans and music makers such as Pseudo Heroes to do the following:

  • Transfer Music from iPhone, iPod & iPad to iTunes
  • Rebuild iTunes Playlists
  • Duplicate Track Detection
  • Export Text Messages
  • Transfer Photos & Videos
  • Save Contacts
  • Export Voicemails
  • Transfer Notes
  • Export Safari History
  • Browse Files & Folders on Device
  • Access iTunes Backups

Why choose TunesGo?

Pseudo Heroes said that iTunes was very difficult to sync at times, making music management a chore. And they also find it very hard to transfer old data to a new device, migrating from one new Apple device to another is a matter of choosing what it is that you want to transfer.

And according to many unsatisfied users, this has made iTunes an increasingly frustrating software to deal with.

In many TunesGo by Wondershare review, these concerns were always raised by former iTunes users.

Is it user friendly?

Many users believe that TunesGo is extremely user-friendly. Because of its design and layout, not only is data management a smoother experience, but music management is even better.

How much is it?

TunesGo is available now at $40, which is definitely worth the price if you consider the functions and compare them with iTunes.

Thanks to TunesGo, Pseudo Heroes has found a much better way to manage their music on the go.

Oct 23 2015

Our Secret to Amazing Concert Posters

Is your band getting a lot of gigs? Are you tired of paying someone to print posters for them, and are you tired of driving all over town to pick them up or worrying that the website you ordered them from will not deliver in time? What if you book something on short notice?

No, it does not have to be that hard. We have a very simple solution for you. Create and print your own posters with the HP DesignJet Z5400.

black keys posterNow, I know what you are thinking. You probably just looked it up, and yes, the estimated retail price is $5,995.00. But allow me to keep going. That is not a cheap printer, no, not cheap at all. But instead of thinking only about the price, think about the value. How many posters do you usually get per show? Five? Ten? More? It does not matter because you will be able to print as many as you want. You can print a dozen and make them all different. Eventually, the DesignJet Z5400 is going to more than pay for itself in what you will save on having them printed.

And along with making as many or as few as you want or need without any worries, you can make posters in different sizes. You can make posters to advertise your shows, and you can design posters to sell with autographs whenever you play. Are you developing a fan base? They will want posters. Are you putting out a CD? Make a poster with the cover and the release date.

All of these posters will be professional quality prints, and you won’t have to hire a professional. You’ll have complete creative band postercontrol of the image you want for the band. And it’s easy to order rolls of paper or ink cartridges for the HP DesignJet Z5400 from the same place you can buy it, Printer World International. And yes, these will start paying for themselves after a while, too. Eventually, instead of just saving money on having them printed, you will start making money on every poster you print.

Who knows, maybe you’ve got a talent for making these posters, and your friends in other bands will want you to use your HP DesignJet Z5400 to make posters for them.

There is a big initial investment for you on this one, but remember the value and convenience that will come with making your own posters. The sky will be the limit for you creatively.

Aug 22 2015

Tools We Use To Fix Our Band Gear

Are you fond of musical instruments? Do you have any knowledge about repairing various musical instruments at home? I LOVE music and my instruments, but when I needed to repair my equipment, I found myself in the dark. I realize there are many individuals, including myself, who may be smart enough to play their specific musical instrument but are not experienced enough to fix them at home.

I’m going to give you some pointers and recommend the tools that you need to have in your arsenal. To start the repairing process, you first need to become aware of the various types of Construction Fasteners & Tools that are used to fix the instruments in the best possible way. While repairing an instrument, most people face the problem when they seem to analyze that there is no such tool that can fix the particular issue in an efficient way. Below are common tools used to repair your instrument easily. I want to give a shout to the guys at over at! They walked me through the process and introduced me to the five following must haves:

1. Pliers

Pliers are familiar construction fasteners & tools. There are various types of pliers used channel lock pliarssuch as Key Bending Pliers, Brass Jaw Pliers, Wire Cutter Pliers, Needle Nose Pliers, etc. Each of the pliers has its specific use. For instance, you can quickly cut the wire of your guitar and thereby tighten it according to your preference.

2. Crochet hooks

These are also one of the vital construction fasteners & tools that can help in manipulating the springs of various instruments. This tool can be easily found at home to repair some of the standard musical instruments like saxophone, flute, clarinet and English horns. You can easily manipulate the tension of the spring or attach a new spring according to your requirements.

3. Dent Hammer

A dent hammer is a familiar tool in a musician’s arsenal. As the name suggests, the dent dent hammer hammer can be your excellent choice if you are willing to do the job of denting the small and medium sized bore instruments from the comfort of your home. This tool is made out of pure stainless steel and has been uniquely designed to suit your requirements.

4. Dental tools

Dental tools are also one of the common construction fasteners & tools, which you can easily fix various types of musical instruments. The dental tools are highly efficient for manipulating and scraping the solder joints of the instruments. It can also be used to clean the old solder joints efficiently in a convenient way. You can also use the dental tools to remove effectively rust from the upper surface of the musical instrument.

5. Hair blower

A hair blower can also be used to fix various types of issues in your musical instrument? Yes! You can efficiently use the hair blower to remove the various small dust particles from your musical instruments.

These are some of the construction fasteners & tools that are mostly available at home or reasonably purchased and can easily be used to fix various types of problems in your musical instrument. We like to purchase our tools from because we think they have the best deals. But always make sure to be creative to transform the everyday things in your house as tools for repairing musical instruments.

Mar 28 2015

The Best Way To Learn To Play Guitar

The internet has offered somewhat of a reprieve and this is more so the case for those that have an inquisitive mind. In the past, for every single thing that you wanted to learn, you had to make sure that you were ready to fork out a hefty amount of money to land a trainer that would be willing to teach you. This is more so the case when it came to playing instruments and especially the guitar. With plenty of learning materials including videos, and sites like Guitar Champs now available on the internet, a great deal of people can now become guitar pros without the help of a professional. Just their guitar, a computer and good internet connection is all you need. Are you intrigued on how you can be able to achieve this?

Start by looking for a good online guitar playing course.

Even though there are a variety of courses that are available out there, not every single one of them might be ideal for you. You have to consider the one that is best suited for you and also one that will allow you to learn with ease. If you have a photographic memory, it is highly advised that you pick an online course that makes use of plenty of videos and pictures. This way you are able to learn faster and better not to mention that you are most likely going to find such a course quite interesting for you. We recommend checking out to get more details about some of the best online guitar lessons websites.

Sign up

Most online guitar lessons that allow you to become guitar pros might not require you to sign up. However, if you can find one that you like, then you should definitely sign up for it. The reason for this is because, signing up sets up your own account. This means that you are able to pick up from where you left last time without much hustle. Furthermore, such courses are much more dependable and might even offer professional help and support in the event that you run into aguitar road block in the learning process.

Get the equipment you will need

In this particular case, all you will need aside from your internet and computer is a guitar, a pick and a really good pair of ears. Since you do not have any one by your side to correct you when you are making a mistake, then you have to make sure that you are keen enough to grasp the right things and execute them to the latter.

Be consistent

The learning process is gradual and it might take forever considering that you do not have any supervision. You have to ensure that you are consistent and that you practice each and every day. To help you improve even faster, here are some tips that you might find very helpful in your learning process and ones that will help you make the chords sound great.

  • Start off easy. Do not be in a hurry to play the complex chords. Start off with the easy ones and work your way up.
  • Always use a pick. They give a much clearer sound which makes it easier for you to distinguish and especially when you use a thin one say .38mm to start with.
  • Pick each string individually at first and then adjust it and then strum it again. This will ensure that you have each of the strings at par and set in the right way.
  • Use only your fingertips when pressing down the strings to get the best results possible.

With these tips, you have set yourself well ahead in your learning guitar online process and you should find this much easier. Above all, you will attain your dream of becoming a guitar pro before you even know it.

guitar picks

Feb 07 2015

Transfer Software For Your Music Files

Have you ever imagined losing all your music files, contacts and even important documents in a single day? Well, worry not because with Android File Transfer software, you will be able to backup your data using a USB cable. Android File Transfer software will allow you to transfer large files of up to 4 GB from your phone to the computer. Most importantly, this is free software, unlike others that will require you to make some deposit to your card before making purchase.

Download Android File Transfer software and install it. Incase you are connecting your Android phone for the first time, you will most likely see a dialog box on your computer screen prompting you to install the drivers. Allow the installation to synchronize music data between your Android phone and your computer. Control panel appears to allow you manage all your music files. You can change settings to allow automatically windows to save your music files in the particular folder.

Music that is not in your folder but your phone will not be automatically synced. Select music and then highlight and drag all the files into a box marked ‘Drag items here’. Synchronize by clicking on Start sync. Once through with synchronizing the music files right click drop down menu under Sync tab located on the right side of your window. This opens a new window that prompts you to choose the way data already in your device will be handled.
Avoid Media Player from deleting out your phone’s data card by selecting the option where your data will be duplicated on your device. On the subsequent screen name the device and then click finish to kick off the sync. You will now see the media collection on your Android phone equal your library. From there every time you connect your Android smartphone to your PC, there any changes in either of the libraries, Windows Media Player will update.

Take good care of your music. Everyone has a favorite genre of music that moves them to a particular place in their hearts. A conversion about the music we love and how it colors our lives. It affects us all. Yes, it seems that the healing power of music, over body and spirit, is only just starting to be understood, even though music therapy is not new. Therapists have advised the use of music, listening and study, reduction of anxiety, stress, and pain relief. Music has also been recommended as an aid for positive change in mood and emotional states.

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to sync and transfer your files from your Android phone to your desktop.